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Healing Himalayas

Explore Nature – Healing in Himalayas

What is so unique about the Himalayas (Nature)?

What makes this entire range of nature such a great tourist destination for travelers not just from India but also from overseas?

Now, everyone will be keen to know the right answer! Are you one amongst them?

Okay, then your options are here:

  1. You check out the Images and Videos of the destination
  1. Go through the Reviews and Testimonials of your chosen one
  1. You travel by shortlisting your favorite one
  Beauty of  Nature in Himalayas

This entire write up is for the benefit of those who select the Third option. Our efforts are to take them on a virtual tour of Manali and generate a tempting invite for them. 

Travelers to Manali have often described it as a place of nature that is next to Heaven. However, I could understand its beauty by visiting it, rather than collecting extensive knowledge. 

I could witness the beauty, feel the calmness and enjoy every moment in this region. Knowledge is always subjective in nature and each one of us interprets in his own style. 

Hence, an Experience (Feeling & Enjoyment) is always greater than Knowledge…………..

This surely means that we have to pack our bags and TRAVEL!!!!!!

People come to these exotic locations in the Himalayan region to:

Destress & Heal

Explore the nature

Carry memories of absolute Bliss

Feeling Rejuvenated at the end of the tour

First, let us find out the difference between Resting & Relaxation

Meditation in nature
Relaxation Relaxing Meditate Relax Rest Calm

“We close our eyes and sit quietly. We use it as an energy saver and to stay away from distractions. This is resting and this can be achieved at our office desk, at home or going from one place to another.”

Relaxation has a deeper connection with our mind  when compared with resting because it is continuous and is more of a process than an act. 

As per the natural therapeutic methods, we have to surrender to nature to be blessed by it. For relaxation to happen, it is essential that we connect with nature and then feel its overpowering impact on us. 

A disease free body is what everyone wants. In other words, all of us dream of holistic health. But very few of us organize ourselves to travel to a serene location which helps us to cut off with the stressing factors of life, detoxify our mind and body and await nature’s beautiful surprises.

NEVER FORGET that during these journeys, apart from the destination that we choose, the mode of travel & the budget we finalize, the COMPANY matters the most. 

Skiing in Manali-Explore nature

The Joy of Not Doing Anything

Most of us are leading lives that are overburdened with work. One thing has not finished, another one pops up. This leads to a preoccupied mind that is overwhelmed by Chronic Stress

That is why, we witness someone  who is getting up in the morning – restless, tired & irritated. Not connected to nature at all? What is the way out???

Traveling to a calm location releases this undue pressure. Making a pledge that I am not here to do anything takes us into a different zone altogether. Now, our energies are not obstructed anymore, we are our own masters. There is no interference or unsolicited guidance anymore. 

In other words, we are self disciplined enough not to follow any discipline!


“What we are seeking is always seeking us.” This is not just a proverbial phrase, but a deep realization. Healing happens to us when we seek healing. Tourists find that the energy they derive from the environment is magical enough to rejuvenate their minds and bodies. 

We tend to attract the goodness of nature towards us by being open and receptive to it. The positivity offered by nature is abundant, e.g. We have bright sunshine which does not get reduced by large numbers of people basking in it. 


When we are looking into ourselves, we are in a state of meditation. This engagement with self leads to a conversation that answers the toughest of questions. 

The clean and green environment of Manali offers us to validate ourselves and define the Sense of Purpose of our life by being in touch with us. 

We never have to look outside to seek the purpose of our life. It is our ability to look inside, arouse our Spiritual Self to answer the questions that arise in our mind. Remember, healing through meditation is practiced through Aloneness and not through Loneliness.

Manali Camp- Explore nature

New Picnic Spot and Camp Manali helps to strengthen your bond with nature. 

Stay Inspired………

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