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Best Cafes To Visit In Manali

Because of the few places that give fewer options when it comes to ‘what to eat,’ most of us believe that while the heart stays pleased in the hills, the stomach does not. When you’re in Manali, however, believe us when we say it’s quite the contrary. Apart from a few good tapris and dhabas along the road, some of the best cafes in Manali offer not only soul food, but also a once-in-a-lifetime experience!

Cafe 1947

cafe 1947, old manali

Cafe 1947, located near the beginning of Old Manali, is probably one of Manali’s most famous cafes. This area is even more strange because of its indoor and outdoor seats, as well as the neighbouring set up right next to the running river. Because it is the only cafe that is open all year, it is well worth a visit if you enjoy music and food.

  1. Cafe specialties- Burgers and Pizzas
  2. Cost for two persons- Rs600-Rs800(approx)
  3. Timings-12pm to 11 pm everyday
  4. Location-Old Manali Road, Manali

Johnson's Cafe

Johnson’s, out of all the top cafes in Manali, is the one you can’t afford to miss while you’re here. Unlike other cafes in Manali that are more budget-friendly, this posh spot has more to offer than meets the eye. The pleasant atmosphere is enhanced by the lush green lawn and the possibility of open-air sitting, making it a top-notch in the region.Johnson’s Café has a wonderful environment as well as delicious food. If you’re looking for a unique café to visit in Manali, make sure this one is on your list.

  1. Cafe Specialties-Continental
  2.  Cost for two persons- Rs 1500 approx
  3.  Timings- 9am to 11:30 pm everyday
  4.  Location-Old Manali Road, Manali

The lazy Dog Cafe

The Lazy Dog Cafe, Manali

Everything about Lazy Dog Cafe, Manali makes it one of the best cafes in Manali, whether it’s the setting or the food. During the peak season, you may enjoy extremely nice meals and your favourite chilled drink without burning a hole in your purse, as well as live performances by well-known bands like The Local Train and Rudra.

  1. Cafe specialties-Cocktails,white sauce pasta and drinks
  2. Cost for two persons- Rs800 approx
  3. Timings- 11am to 1am everyday
  4. Location- Old Manali Road, Manali

Sunshine Cafe

Sunshine Cafe is a must-try when cafe hopping in Manali, since it is one of the cafes that sways you with its charm. This cafe is well-known for serving wonderful Israeli cuisine dishes. The best thing about this cafe is that it goes to great lengths to cater to vegetarian visitors visiting Himachal Pradesh. The friendly employees and packed areas make this cafe ideal for meeting new people and enjoying a full meal. Monochrome artwork and green-bricked walls accentuate the cafe’s rustic furnishings.

  1. Cafe specialties-Hot Chocolate and thin crust pizza
  2. Cost for two persons- Rs650 approx
  3. Timings- 8am to 12 am everyday
  4. Location- Old Manali Road, Manali

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