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There is something special about when you start Adventure sports you feel the exciting or daring experience and it’s also about having the confidence to explore yourself. When people Spending time outdoors their stress reduces because when they see some most stunning views all the stress has just gone away. Whether you want to go on trekking or want to climb into mountains an active Adventure can purify the soul and benefit your physical, mental, and emotional state. Travel improves your self Awareness and Adventure bring you closer to your inner self. If you want to enhance your skill, an Adventure trip is all you need. You gain experience when you entering in new surroundings and might up see developing different ski.

Adventure sports in Manali

Adventure sport is the best way to tackle and overcome your fears or Phobia because every person has certain phobias within them. These Adventure sports are the best stress buster with a soothing effect on your mind. When you talk about Adventure destinations in India there are many places but nothing better than Manali because it is known for endless opportunities and it is a paradise for mountain lovers. Manali is the best place for Adventure Activities.

There are various variety of Adventure sports in Manali that you can do is:-

1. River Rafting

The people who want to feel the hard current water can go for river rafting because the challenge of surviving through many twists and turns of the rapid streams coming out of the river and also the level of this activity is difficult or moderate depending on weather condition. This is the most loved thrilling Sports activity. People to try this activity is especially in summers.

2. Paragliding

The people who wanted to fly the sky, then paragliding is what you are looking for. In Manali, there is a Kullu district where you see the breathtaking views of the snow-clad mountains of Pir panjal and Dhauladhar ranges of the Himalayas. Manali offering the gliders panoramic views and a clean atmosphere in their glide from above the ground level. There are so many places in Himachal where you do paragliding like Solang valley, Fatru, Kangra valley, Marhi, etc. After the check, the Best wind conditions for paragliding both international and domestic tourists proceed with all the safety precautions.

3. Camping

This Adventure sport gives chance to witness something amazing and change your thoughts towards life. The person who to see the millions of stars twinkling over you with nothing but surrounding hills. In Manali, there are laps of the green valley of Beas, surrounded by high mountain peaks. It attracts tourists all the year to its beautiful landscapes and villages. Himachal offers several camping sites like riverside and trekking camps. 

4. Ziplining

If you want to cross the hills and forests with a rope tied on the waist, at a speed that one can only expect, so it’s ziplining. It is done from a height of approx 508 and it is one the most thrilling sports. Haripur and Solang valley are the places where you can experience this thrilling sport.

5. Rock climbing

That Adventure sports that requires you to challenge your physical strength is rock climbing. At first, it seems difficult but once you get the hang of it then it will be the most favorite sport you have ever tried. The level of the sport is difficult that sport requires one to be physically and mentally strong. Rock climbing is one of the booming sport and In Manali, rock climbing is also the best sport because of the stone element it provides like shades, Chunks, and Dividers.

Rock climbing

6. Zorbing

It is a fun hill sport and has been an Adventure Sports for a long time. If you want to wrap around in a human-sized plastic ball on a hill and rolling down at a speed that is not in your control is not just exciting but attractive also. The places where you can have a Zorbing experience are Rohtang pass and Solang valley. A professional guide makes sure that you will be guided and be safe throughout the activity. The level of this sport is easy anyone can do it.

7. Rappeling

Rappeling is that one sport that helps you get out of your comfort zone in some way or another. In this Adventure sports, a person is tied with a rope and harness in order to give them support for climbing down a rock.

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