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Adventure Travellers

A Dose of Adventure for Fun Lovers

The psychology of risk-takers, especially in outdoor sports and adventure activities, is very interesting. Let us go deep into their mindset to understand what they feel and how they take on such daring ventures. 

Most of us get motivated by the talk of any outbound activity. We are all searching for a push deep inside us to prove to the world that ‘YES, WE HAVE ACHIEVED IT’
Adventure Travellers

It is often to conquer the fears that we have. All of us want to come out of them. Moments that leave us thrilled are the ones preceded by a lot of Emotional Turbulence. Hence, when we are Rafting, Kayaking or doing any adventurous sport we are ruling our emotions that are as turbulent as the undulating river waves.

Many Mountaineers / Trekkers claim that they have lost the fear of heights which was more ingrained in their minds earlier. They achieve this control over the fear by confronting it!

How about you?

                                                                                                         Do you love taking risks in life?


                                                              Are you too weak hearted to take on these rare opportunities?

A piece of advice for you: GET OUT OF YOUR COMFORT ZONE . If you are not of the above types, then can you recall any adventurous event when you felt “I am gone”! Later you opened your eyes to thank God that you are still alive.

When we are in groups, we are motivated by the presence of our acquaintances, loved ones and friends. We want to achieve something big to validate ourselves in their eyes. In the process, we are not afraid of DEATH or INJURY either.  We just want to be accepted as the bravest version of ourselves.

In general, we can enjoy life when we are least afraid of death. When we are so insecure about the moments to follow, we start dragging life and not living it.

 “Living a fun-filled life is like living a fulfilled life.”

After completing the task, we are always moving one level up. Although, no one certifies us or endorses our daring nature, yet we are relaxed that we are our own Hero.

Adventure Opportunities in Manali

Manali is a hub of Adventure Sports with activities on Water or Ice, Mountains, Land & Air being in abundance. At the moment the season is peaking and so is the enthusiasm of tourists. Every year, thousands of tourists visit Manali to enjoy the weather, activities and the calmness of the Valley.

Adventure Opportunities in Manali

Relaxation of a Different Kind

The visitors enjoy more when they take their excitement levels to an all time high. The body experiences a change – Static Energy becomes Dynamic Energy. An excited state leads to Adrenaline rush and an accompanying feeling of  Butterflies in the Stomach. As we complete the act, the energy comes down, leading to relaxation of muscles, mind and the entire body. This plateau-like curve of energy produces chemicals in the blood that make us happy and relaxed.

Impact on Health

Such excursions/experience are good for de-stressing because we start knowing ourselves better. It does not matter how meritorious we were (whether we finished first or last). It is our motivation to stay in the hunt that makes us better each time we get into an activity.

No one is pushing us to get into a daring act. If we decide to go for it, it is purely our initiative and we will manage it till the end. At the same time, our health sees an evolutionary improvement when we take on a challenging situation. This way, we break the monotony and enhance our Consciousness. Besides, such memories get lodged deep in our Subconscious Mind. 

Corporate Retreats

As the tourism sector has opened up after the Covid scenario and the subsequent lockdowns, Corporate groups are showing tremendous interest in visiting the place, teaming up and creating unforgettable memories. This is what makes the environment so energetic that no one wants to sit out and miss the bus. 

This is what makes the environment so energetic that no one wants to sit out and miss the bus. 

Fun Activities In Manali
Caution During Adventure

Never feel that you are blessed enough to take on Nature. Nature gives us the opportunity to enjoy it but not at the cost of safety. Safety measures are important to enhance the memories of the trip and not to make the trip a forgettable experience

Collect enough information, follow the safety guidelines, do not take any undue risks and above all stay in the supervision of a Safety Expert. Do listen to him and don’t be overconfident.  

It is true that everyone has an Adrenaline rush at such moments, however, we need to do the balancing act by having the right sized approach.
New Picnic Spot and Camp Manali is ready to provide the best in terms of ADVENTURE, EXPLORATION & RELAXATION

New Picnic Spot & Camp Manali

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